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The final report of the Forum, one of the four work axes leading up to the Conference for a Just Transition in Belgium, was published today. This report marks an important milestone in Belgium's work to undertake an inclusive ecological transition, with a focus on employment, social policy, retraining and the economy.

During the Forum, players from organised civil society worked intensively to develop the pathways needed to achieve a sustainable society by 2050.

The Forum took place in several phases. In the first phase, 45 contributions were collected from civil society via a questionnaire and were then analysed to identify points of convergence and divergence. In the second phase, 19 experts were interviewed to understand the main challenges and opportunities of a just transition. In the third phase, around 100 representatives of organised civil society took part in 28 round-table discussions, organised according to four key systems (healthcare system, mobility and transport system, food system, housing stock) and seven issues (employment, education and training, financing and investment, resources and energy, gender, the fight against poverty, international solidarity). A summary report of these different phases and their results is now available.

Based on the information collected in the Forum, seven requests for opinions were sent to five different advisory boards and institutes. The opinions of these councils are expected by September 2023.

The Forum report and the opinions of the different councils will serve as a basis for the Conference for a Just Transition in Belgium, to be held on 8 and 9 November 2023. At this conference, the ministers responsible for the various themes addressed in the opinions will respond to the findings and recommendations. The aim is to formulate concrete measures for a just transition in Belgium. These measures can then be implemented by the different government bodies and ministers, in both current and future governments.

The Forum for a Just Transition was an important step in the process leading to a sustainable society that leaves no one behind. The ecological transition will last for many years. The challenges will evolve, and throughout the process, it will be necessary to ensure that the transition takes place fairly and that everyone can lead a dignified life. Interaction and consultation, both social and societal dialogue, as was the case at the Forum - and will continue to be the case at the Conference for a Just Transition in Belgium - will therefore remain relevant and necessary in the coming decades.