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No one should be left behind on the road to a sustainable society.

To achieve this, every group in society must be included, including the most vulnerable, so that we collectively create a socially and ecologically desirable future for all. It is essential that these policies are designed to leave no one behind. Better still, if they are designed to be inclusive and democratic, they can strengthen social cohesion, help plan the necessary training and retraining, reduce social inequalities and improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable in society. The ecological transition is also a tremendous source of well-being for the population, new jobs, the development of sustainable sectors and economic diversification.

"The transition will be just, or there will just be no transition."

justtransition - home

An extensive societal dialogue on the just transition took place in Belgium.

The federal government agreement of 30 September 2020 called for a National Conference on Just Transition. In the run-up to the conference, the Federal Minister for Climate, the Environment, Sustainable Development and the Green Deal wanted to organise a wide-ranging societal dialogue to democratise the terms of the debate. 

For almost two years, the General Estates for a Just Transition brought together a wide range of stakeholders including scientists, employers, trade unions, NGOs, associations, government experts and citizens. Together, they highlighted the realities and needs that will mark the transition to a sustainable society in Belgium. They made a major contribution to the success of the Conference for a Just Transition in Belgium, held on 8 and 9 November 2023. 

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